About Us

RL Accounting Services, LLC is a local accounting firm with significant experience in performing bookkeeping accounting services for the nonprofit community. Most of our clients are 501c3 charitable organizations and 501c6 trade associations. Many accounting firms dabble in nonprofit accounting services as a solution to off-season staffing challenges. Helping nonprofit organization is what we do.

Our client relationships are built on high quality services delivered in a timely and responsive manner to assure good financial management. Being a small firm, we can ensure providing a high-quality product with a strong emphasis on personal services and attention to the specific needs of each client. It also allows us to see challenges and opportunities, and help nonprofit find solutions that help achieve lasting organizational success. At RL Accounting we make a point to be available to our clients whenever needed..

Our fundamental values:

Professionalism and quality work

The great care we strive to achieve in our profession is reflected in the quality of work we provide. We are very technology oriented and we constantly strive to automate the financial work flow process. We have created systems to reduce or eliminate any unnecessary processes, which in turn ensures that our clients receive a quality product at a low cost.

Commitment to our clients and our client’s mission

At RL Accounting Services, LLC we are committed to helping our client succeed by understanding the key necessities of their business. By applying our technical expertise we will reach the best solutions to meet these needs while striving to provide the client with the comparative advantage essential to thriving in their respective industry.

Integrity and Independence

When dealing with clients, we always strives to abide by the highest moral values and ethical standards. We are committed to following a professional code of conduct that commands honesty, trustworthiness and sacrifice.

Our Staff

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Sridhar Madireddy, CPA

Sridhar Madireddy, CPA