Outsourced Controller

Our Outsourced Controller Services Process

We have been critical partner to nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. During our practice we have gained extensive knowledge on how to solve a large range of issues that impact accounting departments of nonprofit organizations. 

If your organization experiences some of the issue below, call us, we can help!

  • Your accounting department is not able to provide you with the critical information you need to make decisions
  • Your organization received federal funding and you need additional help to navigate the complexity of federal regulations and grant reporting
  • Your members and Board are requesting more comprehensive financial reports
  • Your organization has grown, and you need an experienced professional to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Your organization wants to leverage latest technology to improve efficiency and reduce cost
  • Your organization struggles to ensure correct implementation of the latest accounting regulations

We want to be your trusted advisor and act as your head of the accounting department. Our service will include overseeing the budgeting process which is one of the most important financial management tools a nonprofit organization possess to ensure financial stability. We leverage technology to create multiyear forecast that we compare to actual results. We analyze and explain the data to provide you the info necessary to make decision critical to your mission. We prepare financial statements and implement procedures that ensure greater control and compliance. We can track your cash flow and help with the financial planning as well as analyzing your organization’s financial strengths and weakness. We oversee the accounting department to ensure financial reports are completed in a timely manner.