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Welcome to our nonprofit organization outsourced accounting price estimator

Because of the difficulty in evaluating the complexity of some organizations with a short questionnaire, the range provided by this tool is not guaranteed to be the final pricing for your organization. We do believe, though, that for the majority of organizations this tool will reflect an accurate estimate of your pricing. If you’d prefer to get a custom quote, please contact us and we’d be happy to provide one

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General Information

Does your organization receive any grants or provide services under contracts? 

Accounting Information

Are your financial statements audited or reviewed by a CPA or public accounting firm? 
Does your organization have property and equipment that needs to be tracked?
Does your organization have inventory that needs to be tracked?

Banking and Credit Card Information

How many of each of these types of accounts does your organization have?

Does your organization have investments in stocks, bonds, etc.?
Does your organization have conference and events registrations that needs to be tracked? 

Transaction Volume